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What is Microblading?

Microblading is a very particular style of manually drawing hairstrokes into the eyebrow that resemble real hairs! Pigment is then inserted into the tiny scratches and the skin is allowed to heal with the pigment in place. The result is beautiful, full brows that compliment your exact facial structure. At MicroArtistry we do Microblading, Ombre Brows, Hairstroke Tattoo Brows, Combo Brows, and Brow Lamination, as well as brow waxing and shaping.


 We can combine multiple techniques to give you the brows of your dreams.

Microblading can be a very empowering and emotional experience. It is not uncommon for our clients to cry from the happiness they feel finally having the brows they have always wanted and never thought they could have! It is something that we love to see every day! 



Is this service right for me? 

     Microblading is perfect for you if you have:


  1. Hair loss or lack of definition

  2. Thin brows due to over tweezing.

  3. Undergone chemotherapy or have Alopecia

  4. Scars

  5. The desire to lengthen your shorter existing eyebrows

  6. The desire to thicken your thin brows

  7. The desire to correct your asymmetrical brows

  8. An active lifestyle, or wear a natural look.

  9. Trouble applying conventional makeup.


Some people are not a candidate for microblading. Please read this page and then you can email microartistrybrows@gmail.com so we can determine your candidacy together.


Do your homework when choosing

who you will allow to tattoo your face!


Most "Microbladers" are trained in two or three-day seminars and are let loose on the public.

Please beware of bargain bladers! 

Our certified artists have been trained in the European Phibrows technique of Microblading, which is arguably the best Microblading education in the world, with strenuous certification requirements. Phibrows training takes months to complete. Perfect design and implementation, shown over and over again, is required to obtain a Phibrows Artist Certification.


Please feel free to research Phibrows and microblading in general before making a decision regarding your Microblading artist. Ask where the artist was trained and how long the training took. Ask to see before and after photos. Ask what kind of Microblades they use and ask about their disinfection practices. After all, this is your face! Good brows aren't cheap and cheap brows aren't good.

Check out our blog for more about Phibrows.


MicroArtistry is fully licensed, insured and certified, as well as approved as a Body Art Facility.

Amber Massa is a proud member of the SPCP, which is the highest-regarded professional organization for Permanent Makeup artists. To qualify for admission, an artist must have completed a minimum of 150-hours of basic Fundamentals of Permanent Makeup training by a CPCP certified Instructor.





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