Permanent Makeup Brow Services

What is Microblading? What is Ombre/Powder?

At MicroArtistry we do Microblading, Ombre Brows, Hairstroke Tattoo Brows, Combo Brows, and Brow Lamination, as well as brow waxing and shaping. Soooo, what is the difference?


  • Microblading is a very particular style of manually drawing hairstrokes into the eyebrow that resemble real hairs! Pigment is then inserted into the tiny scratches and the skin is allowed to heal with the pigment in place.

  • Ombre/Powder Brows are a machine brow, with tiny specks of pigment inserted into the skin which results in a "Makeup" look!

  • Combo Brows are a combination of Tattoo Hairstrokes OR Microblading Hairstrokes and powder technique using a machine. 

The result of all of these services is beautiful, full brows that compliment your exact facial structure. Watch the videos on this page to see the differences!


If you don't know what you may want, simply schedule a no-obligation FREE consultation and we will talk about your goals!

Microblading Full Procedure

Brow Permanent Makeup

Microblading, Powder and Combo


Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows

Powder Brow




Combo Brow 


2.5 Hours


Get new, full brows in 2 1/2 hours!

Allow us to create a brand new set of beautiful eyebrows, just for you utilizing your face structure and preferences! 

This service is for new clients without ANY previous PMU or microblading.


  • $100 non-refundable reservation fee to secure your appointments.

  • Balance Due at the time of your appointment.


Initial Follow up:

First Perfecting Visit is $100 and is to be 

booked 7-12 weeks after your first visit.


Additional Visits:

Within 6 months set up tray fee: $150

Maintenance session after 6 months: $250

After 2 years: full price (current rate)



Color Correction:

Cients with Previous PMU 


Clients who did not come to MicroArtistry originally will be treated as a Color Correction. Color corrections start at $600 and are priced based on the work needed. We do not offer "Touch-ups" of anyone else's work. All new clients with previous PMU will be charged as a Color Correction. Color Corrections may require additional visits to completely cover the old work. Visits are charged as "Additional Visits" above.


All clients with previous PMU are required to come in for a free consultation prior to booking.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations before 72 hours may have your deposit refunded or applied to a rescheduled appointment. Due to the high demand for time slots, cancellations within 72 hours are non-refundable.




Not everyone is a candidate for microblading. Please read here to determine your candidacy. Powder Brow or Combo Brows may be a better choice for you, or if you have health issues, sometimes it is best to skip this altogether. Please read and find out more!


Booking Instructions

Email or Online scheduling are

the easiest ways to book. Please send your PMU history, if any, and a nice clear photo of your clean brows.