Big, Bold Brows! Microblading is the HOTTEST new beauty trend!

Featured on Good Morning America just two days ago, Microblading is the hottest new beauty trend and it is in high demand in cities across America! (And has been hot in Europe for years now!)

The process starts with measuring your facial points to create the perfect arch! After that, we do the first pass with the blade to create the desired shape. Then, numbing cream is applied to your brows so that the remainder of the procedure is virtually pain-free! (We can always stop to apply more numbing cream- there is no need to be in pain!)

Microblading is a two-part procedure, the first takes place at your initial visit. The second takes place 4-6 weeks later, at your "Perfecting Visit!" This is great because it not only gives your Artist a chance to view your healed results, but it also gives us a chance to make sure your brows are absolutely perfect! If we want to go bolder at that time, no problem! Anything that isn't perfect will be addressed after the first Microblading session has healed and there is adequate time to view the results. The best part about this? Your "Perfecting Visit" is included in the price of your Microblading. You don't have to worry about an additional expense after the initial visit. We book your follow up the day of your initial visit.

"Color Boost" visits can happen at your request anywhere from 8 months to a year or even longer after your "Perfecting Visit." Good Morning America says the results can last up to three years! That is absolutely true, but is only true if you find the right artist! The normal amount of time is two years, and has everything to do with proper depth, technique and skin type, along with your aftercare and product usage (Retin A for example, can fade your brows quickly!) - all of which can be discussed at your appointment!

Book your appointment with MicroArtistry. you can trust our training and expertise to give you the brows of your dreams!

~Amber Massa

Owner MicroArtistry