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Hello everyone!

I want to thank you for stopping in! Today I wanted to do a post with Frequently Asked Questions.

1) Does it Hurt?

More commonly asked than "What will they look like?" is "Does it hurt??" The answer is really truly not very much. We use numbing cream and keep them numb the whole time we work until the end. At the end I let the numbing cream wear off in order to see how the pigment is taking in the skin. It is a little sore toward the end maybe, but totally worth it. Most clients say "Are you actually doing it? I don't feel that."

2) How long does it take?

The appointment takes about 3 hours from before to after photos.

3) What is the best way to book with you?

The best way to make sure to reserve your appointment is by email. I require some photos of your clean brows, full face, eyes open and eyes shut. A pic of your dream brows, and your availability and desired appointment date and times. Also, if you have any previous permanent makeup, we can discuss it before your consultation.

4) I'm not local to you! How do I find a great artist?

I recommend going on the website and searching in the world map. I only recommend Phi artists. The training is second to none.

Any other questions? Shoot me an email!


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