Is Microblading right for you?

A lot of people are learning about microblading and are interested in it as a service! It's so great, but unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for microblading!

I have compiled a questionnaire for potential clients, and when you email to book, this is what you will have to fill out. Please take a moment to look it over now!

1) Do you have any previous Permanent makeup in the brow area?

This does not disqualify you from the microblading service, but I do require many photos and a consultation with me prior to the actual appointment so I can see if your previous PMU can be covered. I only want the best possible result for your brows and will have to turn some clients away if I cannot provide it through my microblading skill set.

2) Do you have any scars in or around the brow area?

Scarring is not a disqualification either, but we need to see where the scarring is and if we can work over it.

3) Do you have a predisposition to keloid scarring?

Keloid scarring is a disqualification. The last thing you want is keloid scarring on your brows!

4) Do you have eczema/dermatitis? If so, where on the body?

Eczema is a disqualification to microblading due to the irritation microblading causes in the skin. It can create redness that lasts years. If there is a presence of eczema or dermatitis on the face, we cannot perform the microblading service.

5) Do you have alopecia or trichotillomania? (Compulsive pulling of hair.)

This is not a disqualification either. We ask this to be made aware of the lack of hair and skin condition.

6) Are you diabetic?

We ask this because people who are diabetic typically have a slower healing time, and may need a third touch up due to poor pigment retention. If you are diabetic, I require a note from your doctor, approving the service. If you are diabetic and have a note, great! We can perform the service as long as you are aware that the healing time may be longer and the pigment may not hold as well.

7) How would you rate your skin? Normal, combination, oily or extremely oily.

Oily skin typically has poor retention and fades more quickly. The strokes may fade into each other creating the look of a "Powder brow." (Which some clients really love!) If you want your brows microbladed, but have very oily skin, please consider these facts prior to booking.

8) Do you have any diagnosed skin disorders?

If so, please email which ones and we can decide your candidacy on a case-by-case basis.

9) Do you have any moles in the brow area?

We cannot microblade ON a mole, but we can work around a mole

10) Have you had any brow piercings?

If so, we will look at the scarring and decide how to work around it.

11) Have you had a hair transplant for your eyebrows?

If so, please let us know,

12) Do you tan or exercise frequently?

Tanning beds (sun in general) are terrible for permanent makeup! The retention is very poor and you will need a sooner annual touch up. The same goes for exercise. The sweat causes the pigment to fade faster.

13) Please list any prescribed medication you are currently taking.

Some medications do not mix well with the microblading service. It is always better to be safe than sorry! Please provide an accurate list.