The Healing Process for Brow Permanent Makeup

It is totally normal for you to love your brows on day one, but then completely freak out by day four.

Let me explain why:

This is a tattoo. If you have never had a tattoo on your body before you will likely not be familiar with the tattoo healing process.

There are three types of permanent makeup brows that I do: Microblading, Combo and Powder/ombre.

Microblading is done with a hand tool that is used to create little cuts in the skin:

Powder or Ombre brows are done with a small needle that punctures the skin after being dipped in pigment. That leaves a tiny dot of color in the skin.

Combo brows are a combination of both of these things.

Any way you go, we are either cutting the skin or puncturing the skin repeatedly with a needle. This is causing trauma to the skin, (Even though it is very shallow, just under the Epidermis and you will likely not feel much pain due to numbing creams,)

This trauma needs to heal. So what does cut skin do when it is healing? It SCABS over.

These scabs will make your brows appear dark after day 2 and you may freak out. Don't worry, any scab is going to be dark. Imagine cutting your arm and what that scab would look like. Eventually it flakes off and you have new fresh, thick skin under the scab which needs to get strong and normalize.

Brows almost always heal lighter than day one. Except on thin, mature or compromised skin, where they may heal DARKER than day one. If that is a concern for you I will tell you, we will go light and we will re-evaluate at the touch-up.

Here is a prime example of the brows lightening up, my client Julie after visit number 1:

Then Julie healed:

See how soft and natural they look? You can only imagine how she felt at day 7:

(Not my work)

But you see how soft they heal? That's because the skin has to SCAB, then it has to HEAL and then the color has to show from UNDER the skin. Day one until after the scabs fall off, the color is on TOP of the skin. So yes, it looks DARK! Then it looks light! Then after our touch-up it should be just right! Remember: Dark, light, touch-up, just right!

And sometimes they heal in the exact color as day one:

So, after about 1500-2000 (I have lost count) sets of brows, I have seen it ALL I will be conservative day one because

1: I don't know your skin.

2: I don't know YOU! Are you the type who wants a dark brow, or are you light with your brow? Let's go light knowing Day 7 exists, you may freak out and we can always add more pigment.

Fresh vs. Healed:

So, yes, overall it is a process, but it is totally worth it! If you are at week 4 and the brows still feel too light after the scabs are gone, you should come in for a touch-up. Julie wanted one, even though I thought her brow color was absolutely perfect healed:

Ultimately it's your brow and your face, so I am here to work hard to make you happy! If you want darker, we go darker! But just know this: I am ALWAYS conservative at the first visit. I would rather put MORE color in the skin at your touch-up than have you thinking that they are too dark once healed at visit one.

If you have any questions, let me know!